Best Gastroenterologist in Vijayawada

    Dr. Javvaji Sateesh is the best Gastroenterologist in Vijayawada and a full time consultant providing the services at Sateesh Gastro and Liver Centre. The doctor is a highly skilled Gastro Surgeon in Vijayawada and has rich experience in treating pancreatic diseases, Gastrointestinal Cancer and Gastrointestinal oncology. We are the Best Gastro Hospital in Vijayawada provides most advanced level of medical and surgical care to the patients at affordable price. Dr. Sateesh J, Surgical Gastroenterologist in Vijayawada offers the best treatment for gastrointestinal tract disorders from many years. Sateesh Gastro hospital is always there to provide ERCP, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Endoscopic Metallic Stenting and surgical gastroenterology services to the patients.

    Top Gastroenterology Hospital in Vijayawada

    Sateesh Gastro and Liver Centre is one of the Top Gastroenterology Hospital in Vijayawada provides wide range of outpatient and inpatient services. The hospital has highly experienced team of Gastroenterology specialist doctors. To provide world class health care in treating digestive tract and liver disorders in Vijayawada our hospital has established. Dr. Javvaji Sateesh experienced Gastroenterologist in Vijayawada provides empathic care and high quality care to the patients. We believe in Patient Satisfaction and we have 99% Satisfied patients. We value your health and treat every person as a unique individual in our Best Gastro Hospital in Vijayawada.



    Dr. Javvaji Sateesh is one of the best Gastro Surgeon conducts the ERCP in Vijayawada. ERCP is a medical diagnostic procedure .


    Sateesh Gastro and Liver Centre is the best reviewed hospital for Gastroscopy in Vijayawada. Dr. Javvaji Sateesh


    A colonoscopy Treatment is just a procedure enables your surgeon to examine the lining of the colon and rectum.

    Endoscopic Metallic Stenting

    Looking for Top Endoscopic Surgeon Doctors in Vijayawada? Dr. Sateesh Javvaji full time consultant

    Pancreatic Diseases

    Sateesh Gastro and Liver Centre provide best Treatment for Pancreatitis in Vijayawada. Dr. Sateesh Javvaji

    Laparoscopic Surgery

    Dr. Sateesh Javvaji is the experienced Gastro Surgeon and provides world class treatment for Laparoscopic Surgery

    Gastrointestinal Oncology

    Dr. Sateesh Javvaji is a Gastrointestinal Oncology doctor in Vijayawada and has many years of experience in this field

    Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment

    Highly advanced Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment is offered by Sateesh Gastro & Liver Centre,

    Surgical Gastroenterology

    Surgical Gastroenterology is a sub-specialty managing the administration of illnesses connected with the human gastrointestinal tract including


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    Dr. Javvaji Sateesh

    Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist



    Hospital Address

    Sateesh Gastro & Liver Centre
    29-14-37, Prakasam Rd, 5 Route, Suryaraopeta, Governor Peta, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520002

    Emergency Contact Number

    +91 0866 244 2348
    +91 9177353586