ERCP Treatment in Vijayawada

ERCP Treatment in Vijayawada

Dr. Javvaji Sateesh is one of the best Medical Gastroenterologist conducts the ERCP Treatment in Vijayawada. ERCP is a medical diagnostic procedure where the doctors can able to see the small tubes inside your body called the pancreatic and bile ducts. These tubes are near to your stomach and carry digestive juices from your liver and pancreas to the intestines.

When is ERCP done?

The ERCP Doctors in Vijayawada suggests this procedure to know the cause of unexplained abdominal pain, jaundice. The Gastroenterologist conducts ERCP Treatment in Vijayawada if they want to know more information whether the patient have pancreatitis or cancer of the liver, pancreas, or bile ducts. The ERCP Doctors can also found Blockages or stones in the bile ducts through this procedure.

How long does an ERCP Treatment in Vijayawada procedure take?

The full form of ERCP is Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography. Length of the ERCP Procedure varies from patient to patient. Usually this procedure takes 30 to 90 minutes. Dr. Javvaji Sateesh Top Gastroenterologist in Vijayawada uses this procedure to treat the problems that affect the liver.

The most common reasons for ERCP include:
  • Yellow skin or eyes (jaundice), light stool and dark urine
  • Stones in the bile or pancreas duct
  • A lesion or tumor in the pancreas, gallbladder, or liver
What is the cost of ERCP in Vijayawada?

ERCP Treatment Cost in AP depends on various factors like Consultation fee of the doctor, Age and medical condition of the patient, Lab tests and the admission room you preferred.

IS ERCP Treatment Painful?

During ERCP Procedure he/she doesn’t feel any pain as they will be sedated using anesthesia. The patient may experience mild pain after the completion of ERCP Procedure.

What is the success rate of ERCP Treatment in Vijayawada and Best ERCP Hospital in Vijayawada?

The success rate of ERCP in Vijayawada depends on the following factors:

  • Patient Age
  • Disease Severity
  • The area to be examined
  • Experience of the doctor

Sateesh Gastro and Liver Centre is the Top ERCP Hospital in Vijayawada. Book Appointment now or consult Dr. Javvaji Sateesh for more information.